Robotic Furniture: The Future of City Living

Could robotic furniture be the key to comfortable future city living?

Every week Seattle gets more crowded. In fact, according to the US Census Bureau, the Seattle area is gaining about 1,100 new residents per week. That’s a lot of new bodies, who need a lot of new places to live. And, of course,  as people from all over the world move to Seattle and real estate values rise our living spaces tend to get smaller and smaller. This trend toward smaller housing has led to innovations  such as storage container apartments and micro apartments as small as 199 square feet micro apartments.

And now another innovation is beginning to hit the market: Robot furniture designed just for small living spaces.

These all-in-one furniture units serve as work desk, closet, bedroom and storage space. With all of the configurations available, it looks like the possibilities for comfortable and innovative living – even in a 199 square foot apartment – are endless.

For more details about this cool new robotic furniture, click here. And for more information about moving to the Seattle area yourself, contact Andy Sather Real Estate.

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