Real Estate Stories: An out-of-state remodel

At Andy Sather Real Estate, this is a  real estate story that makes us proud because it so clearly demonstrates what we do:

Carol Klein needed a real estate agent to assist her with selling her condominium.


But her situation was not typical. The condominium she was selling was inherited, she had never seen it, and Carol lived out of state. Thanks to a recommendation from her friend who had previously worked with Andy Sather Real Estate, Carol ended up on an introductory phone call with Andy and, as she puts it, from there  “he took control of the situation.”

Andy worked with Carol remotely to assess the status of the condo and create a game plan to get it into selling shape. As Carol says, Andy has a “cadre of tradesmen at his fingertips who were capable of bringing the unit to market ready condition in record time.” Over a 4-5 month period a “home inspection, electrical work, plumbing, painting, new carpets and a final cleaning were all take care of and within budget.”

005_web (2)
Finished kitchen
New carpets and paint

Ultimately, Andy Sather Real Estate got the condo on the market and sold it for 18% over asking price, all without the owner stepping foot in the condo even once throughout the entire process.

Andy Sather Real Estate exceeds your expectations through expertise and execution.  Andy knows the market and can do what it takes to meet your needs, even when you aren’t exactly sure what your needs are.  Then he applies his expert knowledge of the market to each individual situation in order to exceed his clients’ expectations.

“Due to his knowledge and expertise of the real estate market, the first open house on a Saturday afternoon brought in multiple offers over the asking price. By Sunday, a condominium that I had never seen before and was only interested in selling, would have a new owner. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome.

My atypical situation was never an issue or concern for Andy. He was a pleasure to work with throughout the process and a true professional in every sense of the word. ” – Carol Klein

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