Real Estate Stories: The Asher Family

This is a story about the wonderful Asher family, a crazy real estate market, a real estate broker with some serious know-how and how they all came together to make some dreams come true.

This is the Asher family: Carson, Sandy, Adam and Addy.DSC_0184

And this is the Asher family’s Kirkland house.Ashers kirklandThe Kirkland house was the house their daughter, Addy, had lived in since preschool. It was the house their son, Carson, came home to as a newborn. They loved this house. However, as the kids got older and they looked to the future, that little voice inside told them that it might not be the place their kids would grow up. In might not be their dream home. As this reality sunk in, they started to weigh their options. And as they did, they watched the real estate market get wilder. They talked about what they wanted in their dream home and considered what it would take to remodel their current home. They were open to possibilities, but they were in no hurry.

Then, out of the blue, they got wind that this house was about to go on the market…Lincolnshire house

In. One. Week!

For the Ashers, this house had a story. It was a house they knew; in a neighborhood they knew well. Their connection to the house went back four years to when Sandy saw it for the first time and wrote in her personal blog “I want to live in this house someday.”

This house had it all. It was their dream home.Asher interior Collage

But they knew the market was crazy and they felt like the chances were slim that all the necessary stars would align to get them into this dream home.

So… their first step was to call Andy Sather Real Estate. And that’s when the stars started to align. Andy knows the market and he knows how to get his clients the house they want for the price they want. Even in a wild market.

With Andy’s help the Ashers were the first to view the house when it hit the market. They were also the first to put in an offer. Thanks to Andy’s expertise, their offer was competitive and had the clauses that made it stand out. And perhaps most important, it was one that the Ashers were comfortable with.

As soon as they got the news that the offer on their dream house was accepted, the plan to sell their Kirkland house was kicked into high gear. With Andy’s guidance, they tackled just the right repair projects, staged the interior and listed for the right price and with a very specific strategy.Asher Collage

In just one week later, the stars aligned. They had a stack of offers to review. When they met with Andy, they were pleased to find two offers for $100,000 over asking price. With his help, they negotiated down to the very last detail including a 60 day close (which allowed them to catch their breath after the unexpected whirlwind of buying and selling a home) and free lease time from the buyers so the Ashers could stay in their Kirkland home until they’d closed on their new house, making for a smooth transition.

A smooth transition right into their dream home.

Asher sign

In a market like this one, sometimes it seems like the only thing you need to do sell your house is put up a sign. But the reality is, you need so much more than that. You need a realtor who has a specific-to-your-needs plan and who knows the ins and outs of the market. One who has a strategy to give you an edge to get you the house you want, when so many other people want it too and one who knows how to get you very top dollar for the house you are selling.

“Andy was literally the first person that I called and he got the ball rolling for us right away. We had worked with Andy before and our experiences gave us confidence that he would get us into our dream house. We have since referred him to multtple family members and they have had nothing but great experiences.” – Sandy Asher


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